Kitchen Helpers

The kid's got new aprons and now they love to take turns helping in the kitchen. Corinne helped prepare the lunches today.

Elijah was the helper for dinner as we made Great Grandma Martin's macaroni recipe. Yum!

Cannon Beach

We spent the weekend combing Cannon Beach, searching for seashells and great adventures, eating good food and tasty treats (no elephant ears though), spending quality time with family and creating long-lasting memories (apparenly Camie has the memory of an elephant!)

Cousins, Corinne and Jayden, playing in the sand.

Bill made scrumptous crepes for everyone.

This is how Camie likes her coffee. . .
with creme!

We had a bonfire on the beach both nights. It brought about some smore's and pudgy pies and old-fashioned sing alongs. Kumbaya!



Elijah's First Day of Preschool

Elijah at Start Here Preschool. His first day of preschool begins with lots of opportunities to learn and explore and make new friends. They have circle time, play time, focused activty time and outside play time every day.

It's snack time and the prescoolers even get to pour their own drinks.