a weekend getaway

Mike and I decided to try and do a getaway after reffing season ended.  Well, busy lives involving work schedules, church board conferences and social engagements ended up pushing back the date from early March to late April.  I guess that's another reason to take a weekend to reboot, relax, and relish in the fact that we have great parents that live near by and will watch our children for us.  Life is pretty good and so is a little R and R.

Ruby is packed with her sippy, binky, "Bumble" (the crocodile) 
and full bag in tow that she says she can carry by herself, which is
how she wants to do everything these days.

on our first hike to Blue Pool on the McKenzie River Trail

Here's a crazy guy who jumps off cliffs.  That water looks cold!

Our second hike to Proxy Falls.

There was still snow on the trail and the Hwy was still closed from the Sisters side.   But the trailhead is near to Belknap Springs so we gave it a go.  I's say it was worth it.  I just love waterfalls.

  We enjoyed our weekend getaway and felt very renewed and refreshed after soaking in the hot spring pools, hiking (without kiddos in tow), sipping on morning coffee while listening to the sounds of the swift McKenzie River.  Below are some pics we took on our morning tour of the gardens.  The tulips, rhodies, and daffodils were all in bloom.


First Little League Game

Eli is having a great first experience with baseball.  He said he wanted to be on the Beaver's team, but they sport the major league logos so he's a Giant (and that's the closest thing to the Beavers in my opinion.  You know with the same color scheme, at least.)  They started out the season with a few weeks practice and then transitioned into a heavy game schedule of playing almost every tuesday and thursday and sometimes on saturdays too.   I love that he loves to play sports and tries hard at what he does.  It's fun to throw the ball around in the back yard with him too.  He's trying his hand at pitcher and it seems to agree with him as he even got a few kids in a row to hit off him (and in this age group, that's a GOOD thing.)

There's nothin' cuter than
a kid in baseball gear.

Ruby cheering from under the bleachers.

I couldn't resist another pic of the cute kid on the side lines.



Spring Tea

One of the main events at Corinne's preschool is the spring tea they put on to honor to parents.  It was hard and very enlightening as were seated and served first while our little one waited as patiently as a 5 year old can.   They were beyond excited as they showed us all the decorations they had been diligently working on for weeks.  And what's says spring better than the vivid chartruse of fresh grass which was trimmed to their liking by each child.

They performed songs with motions of "I'm a Little teapot," "You are My Sunshine" and my favorite"The Lady with the Alligator Purse."

The class each drew a picture and a sentence describing where the dinosaurs went.  Below is Corinne's face when her idea was read aloud.