All Worn Out

Corinne crashed on our way home from Costco!
It won't be too long before she outgrows the sleeping-in-the-car stage. I guess you can't stop progress, but you sure can pause to take a nap.
(I wish it was me. Naps are few and far between these days.)


Behind the Curtains

They look like they're up to something.

Oh, it's stacking the bubble bottles.

Careful brother.

Uh-Oh! Timber!
(Corinne's doing Auntie Camie's nose squeeze!)

Oh, look what happened!
Now what should we do?

Let's try again.

You can do it!

Elijah claps.

Corinne cheers too!

OK, time to knock it down again.
Isn't that how you play this game?

That was FUN!!!


First Steps

First time playing in the sand. Gotta prepare for Hawaii!

I think she liked it.

Daddy and big brother, Elijah, are helping Corinne walk.
She took her first couple steps today!


Rise and Shine. . . and give God the glory!

Oh, the most adorable sight is a baby while they are sleeping. Corinne looks so peaceful here. But she has already slept more than 4 hours and bedtime isn't too far away. So, Elijah and I decided to rouse her and the stretching and then the yawning and the crying began. But it doesn't take the girl long 'til she's playful again!