a family beach getaway

    The Martin's had a getaway to the beach. Finally my family my parents, my brothers and sister, and all the cousins in one place. And what a great place it was!  Yachats is quaint, it's cute, and this little motel proved a fun place to stay especially because it had a pool.   The pool in which the kids asked to go nearly 100 times a day.  Good thing they were at great ages for swimming and with the adult ratio we usually had a willing supervisor or participant.  The kids were a ball of fun and Hayden's football was a ball of fun too. It went with us everywhere, even into the pool.  We combed the cute, little beach at low tide, went on a small hike, toured the lighthouse at Haceta Head, and Joel, Nathan,Mike and I even got to play a round of golf at Sandpines one afternoon.  It's triggering childhood memories of when we would have summer trips to the beach with our cousins, and I'm glad my kids will have some to treasure in their hearts.  Side note:  I was at my aunt Donna's house recently and came across a picture of my dad and my big brother, Joel, throwing the football while we played in the warm, sandy pools the tide had left behind.  You will find a similar picture below. If I can get a hold of a copy of her picture I might do a side-by-side. A trek to the beach is long and an even longer trek back when you have a sicky in the car. What can I say?  All things do not go according to plan. To sum up: family + cousins + beach time + swimming = time well spent.