Easter Weekend

Grandma and Grandpa Martin and Teresa came over to dye eggs on Saturday.  We had a deliscious strata made by Grandma Martin and fresh pineapple floats made with home made pineapple ice cream by myself.  The afternoon was low key and the company as well as the food was refreshing.

We decided to paint the eggs with watercolors this year.  Not really a good idea 'cause the paint comes off on your hands when the eggs sweat.  So we will be going back to the regular dye next year.  Was cute to see the kids' aartistic flare come out when they get a paint brush in their hands though.

Corinne's painted face-face.

Grandpa is getting outnumbered.

We curled the girls hair dressed in beige and white and went to church as a family.  Well, Daddy was already there for the first service.  There were several song specials this year including one by Jeff and Mike called "Arise My Love"  which was incredible.

After church we hold a mini egg hunt in the backyard to tie the kids over 'til the Hocker Hunt in the afternoon (after naps).  Looking back over the past few years Easter pics, I realized we've been breaking out the bubble magic.  This year we sprung for a new machine called Gazillion Bubbles which was Gazzillions of fun!  It was Ruby's first egg hunt and first experience with a Gazillion bubbles, so it was a big day for her and you could see it by the joy on her face.  I had fun capturing the moments.

Corinne loves to twirl.

The Hocker Hunt commenced at 4:30 p.m. and was over just a few minutes later.  The kids had fun finding the eggs and then took to the swing set. The weather this Easter was the nicest I've ever seen in Central Oregon.  The whole weekend was 70 degrees with bright blue skies and no wind.  What?! 

"I want to swing."

The bald eagle we saw flying above us.


Pips in her brother's hat

more twirling. . .

These spinning tops were the highlighted toy of the Easter basket (thanks Grandma Hocker).  The kids entertained eachother for at least an hour having wars and doing tricks or something.  Pipp just watched all the action and Ruby was in bed early (I think she had too much candy/excitement to really nap well).