more than a sick day

 We had a sick week at our house.  A diagnosis of a fever and cough requires a prescription of endless couch time, the privalege of being carried everywhere, multiple doses of children's tylenol, a trip to the pediatricians (and NO trips to anywhere else during the week), gallons of gatorade in a variety of colors, and a continuous reel of disney DVDs.


Thanks Mom for the extra supplies.

Ruby tries Jell-O for the first time and likes it.

It's a strange household dynamic when the kids are NOT constantly moving, throwing things, getting out toys and art supplies, talking continuously, screaming, or fighting.  With a week of downtime and feeling under the weather over, the kids are now ready to go out in the world and go right back to their old ways of  constructing then destructing, playing then fighting then playing together again.  It is nice!


any given day. . .is a day that the Lord has made!

This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it.
The activities that fill our lives are meant to bring us joy.  Sometimes it takes me getting behind the lens to see this world with a joyous point of view.  I guess that's why I take so many pictures.  Here are some of the things we do on a routine and daily basis.  Enjoy!

A trip to the park and a walk in the canyon is a must on a January day that reaches 50 degrees.  Thanks Camie, Jayden and Pippa for the outing.  Going back down the canyon trail after the sun goes down is MUCH, MUCH cooler!

Corinne enjoys her nap time with a new furry friend.  Thanks Grandma Martin for the birthday present.

Derrick and Elijah lounge around and watch My Side of the Mountain.

Now, it's Ruby's time to wake up from nap.  She loves her new "Bumble" Crocodile.  We adopted the name straight out of one of her FAVORITE books, Tumble Bumble which features a big Crocodile as one of the main characters.  Ruby is very fond of reading before and after her naps.

Now it's time to open the mail with Daddy (an activity to do while we wait for dinner.)

This is Corinne's activity:  painting in a fairy dress (which she layered up to go jump on the trampoline.)  Jumping on the trampoline is what her brother is doing right now  (an activity to do while we wait for dinner.)

This is Ruby's favorite place. . .the pantry.  The activity (while waiting for dinner):  sorting, rearranging, stacking, and sometimes pouring out of the assorted spices.


Then comes bath time.  Elijah showers seperately, but today, he got in the bath with the girls after.  If only for the photo-op moment, it was worth it.

Ruby loves to apply her own moisturizer.  Keeping her skin baby soft is a
very big thing  for her.


Corinne's 5th Birthday

Corinne's birthday party this year was at the Redmond Gymnastics Academy.  Her whole preschool was invited as well as cousins and friends who live in town.  It was a rainbow themed party (as is all the rage these days).  The fruit plate was a rainbow, the miniature cakes were literally rainbows in a jar, and the kids were asked to come wearing their favorite color of the rainbow.  The kids just loved all the action of running, jumping, balancing and playing around on the various trampolines, mats and bars.  The absolute favorite seemed to be the gigantic pit of foam you could jump into and try your darndest to get out of.  Corinne had a blast as did all the kids!

Corinne and Patty about the jump in the foam pit.  Corinne really believed in the buddy system for this event.  Eventually she became brave enough to jump solo (see later pic)  in which, everyone in the place cheered.


Pippa and her hula-hooping act.

Corinne is 5 now!  My have the years flown.  The many things that Corinne can do, her bubbling personality along with her stature seem to have sprouted overnight.  Perhaps, because the gradual changes are so easy to miss.  Corinne, being the seriously, funny little thing that she is, brought this point home with her own observance.  She came home from church  today toady and said, "I thought my hands would be bigger now that I'm 5."  I said to her, "Do you think your hands are small?"  In which she said, "Well, they're the SAME size!" 
Things Corinne loves to do at age 5 include:  anything "artsy," play with her pricesses (and she has a lot), help with cooking or baking, help with household chores (I'm sure that will grow old fast), play dress-up, do ballet, take a toy with her whever she may go, attend preschool, sing, take long naps and stay up late, and laugh out loud (the thing which she does best of all!)