Elijah Loses His First Tooth

Elijah was willing to try Mike's idea with the string tied to the door knob. It was successful the second time. The first time the string broke. He was surprised and excited to lose his first tooth. He made signs pointing under his pillow and an envelope with the tooth tucked inside. What a big boy he is now and he looks the part too.


The Art of Making Art

Elijah has been drawing, coloring and cutting non-stop. He makes almost anything his mind can think of: trains, jungle animals, fish, sharks, dinosaurs, castles and even football players. He is very imaginative and creative although he is staying very literal with the colors of the objects.


A Day on the Farm

We spent the afternoon exploring the wonders at the Harrang Farm. There were animals to pet, pumpkins to carve, games, face painting and even a pony to ride. Corinne loved the swings the most.

Corinne and her cookie with Brooklyn and her cookie face.

Corinne really dug into the guts while Elijah wouldn't even touch it with a spoon. The jack-o-lanterns turned out great and were fun to light on our doorstep the next night.