Corinne's 4th Birthday!!

I really can't believe how time flies past us. Corinne is now 4 and what a little lady. She is talkative but shy. She speaks quiet but loves to laugh loud. She plays pretend well both independently and with others. She knows all her letters in the alphabet and is learning to figure out puzzles. She loves to dress up and play princess or ballerina which she calls "vallet". She is determined to stop sucking her thumb. She is content to hang out with her family and loves going to library for story and craft time and to pick out new movies and books.


Corinne Turns 4 and Has a Fairy Teaparty

Corinne had a lovely fairy tea party with four four-year-olds who olds who got into the spirit by wearing their wings. It was so adorable when Jayden (Peter Pan) asked Corinne if she could sprinle him with some fairy dust. They had a spread of miniture PBJs, fruit tarlettes, veggies, quiche, and lavendar teacakes decorated with fairies. I think Corinne enjoyed the tea party even more than opening her presents.