The Grundland Picnic

The kids, Auntie Teresa and I headed to Portland to spend the afternoon at the Grundland Picnic. We enjoyed lots of food, a dose of sunshine, splahing in the fountains, playing at the playground, and catching up the the extended family. Grandma Martin braved the return trip with us and we made it as far as Government Camp before we had to take a break from the care and the crying baby. We hiked a little up the mountain trail and took some deep breaths of the mountain air. I gave Ruby a snack and tucked her into her carseat snuggly with Grandma Martin tapping on her binky and we continued our journey. Elijah and Corinne had a cliff bar in the car for dinner. We made it home safely by 9:30 pm and Ruby had finally went to sleep for the last hour.


Bath Time and Bed Time Stories

Elijah, Corinne and Jayden reading bedtime stories.

blueberries. . .

With the arrival of our new blueberry plants, we have a few berries. The kids enjoy looking for the ripe ones and snacking on them. Hopefully the harvest will increase as the plants mature.


Diamond Lake Camping Trip

We were fortunate to find a time where we could go camping with a lot of our friends. The Tiltons, the Lymans, Uncle Jeff and Auntie Camie and Jayden, and Grandpa and Grandma Hocker all met at Diamond Lake along with the majority of the mosquito population. We had a relaxing time playing near the lake and in the dirt. The weather was warm and the mosquitoes seemed to thrive. We mainly avoided the bites with bug spray, but poor Eli almost got eaten alive. He learned quickly that he doesn't really care for those type of insects.