a weekend in Portland

We went to visit our good friends JJ,Kara, and their girls Olivia and Ellior in Vancouver and do some fun family activities.

We had a wonderful picnic at the rose gardens in Portland. The weather was warm and sunny so we rested under an old tree and took turns climbing up in it too.

We watched a parade downton Vancouver and the kids learned how to chase down the candies. After the parade we headed down to the Saturday market and had a picnic while the kids played at the park.

Mike and I took the kids to the Children's Museum where we explored the Curious George exhibit and learned how to build plumbing lines inside a house (Eli;s favorite). The kids liked to be able to be hands on with everything in site. Corinne got to get her face painted (an all time fav of hers). They both put on a musical show on the stage. And we ended the day molding clay and Corinne tried her hand at the potters wheel. She didn't mind getting her hands wet and sticky.


riding bikes

The kids were playing this game of chase around and around in a cirlce in the garage. They are great at making up games and playing along together. There are always lots of laughs to be had by those two.