building a tower of books

It was Spring Break and they decided to build a tower of books. Very carefully they balanced every single book they owned on top of one another. What better to do after painstakingly building the tower than to knock it down? What fun it is to be a kid?



Corinne has been diligently working on learning how to write her letters. I'm so proud!

sister out in the snow


Ruby's 1st Birthday!

Ruby's whimsical and fun in this ruffly pinwheel skirt made especially for her party celebration by her Grandma Martin. She was all smiles for her guests when they arrived for a dinner party. Ruby ate some of Mommy's dinner roll and lasagna because of course she was still hungry after just eating her own dinner.

Jemima Puddle-duck was the theme for Ruby's first birthday. She was so happy to see her stuffed Jemima. This one is made for little ones and is called "My First Jemima." Mommy also made a Jemima Pudle-duck pillow for her crib.

Brother and sister sharing the love.

She now points at many things and Grandma Martin is using this to say that Ruby is "one".

Ruby gets to know her little cousin Pippa who is now 3 months old.

Whether she knew it or not, Ruby was the scheduled entertainment. She smiles, laughed, jibber-jabbered and just looked so cute. She even played a little ukalele for us. And, she was the star of the show for cake eating and present opening.