glamour girl

Step 1:  brush and brush my hair


Step 2:  put on my heart-shaped earrings

 Step 3: put on my gorgeous glove along with
any other accessory I own.

Step 4:  pose for the camera


trials with her own spoon

 I thought we'd give it a try and let Ruby feed herself today. . .So, here it goes!

  So she's used the spoon from both ends and with both hands and has even offered Mommy some of her oatmeal.  She is loving having control of her spoon.

I don't know if you can tell but this is really a happy face!  She is quite proud of her achievement.  Great job Rubes!!!



Timothy Lake with the Monahans

We met our good friends the Monahans up at Timothy Lake on Friday afternoon hoping the forecast wouldn't be as predicted.  But alas, it rained and rained until Saturday just before noon.  It was then that we emerged from coloring and reading books in the trailer to explore more of the outdoors where our clothes wouldn't get soaked through.

The weather turned to be quite nice in the afternoon and the dads took the kids fishing on the bank.

     Funny story:  Mike was getting Corinne's pole ready for her and had just asked Corinne to hold his pole for him.  Literally about 5 seconds later she lands a fish.  She did a great job of realing it in and landing it in the net.  Not sure if this counts as catching her own first fish, but I think it does!

Reading Curious George Makes Pancakes by the fire before bedtime.

A beautiful sunset view of Mt. Hood.

We had a lot of fun with the Monahan clan, but alas, they headed back on Sunday afternoon and we settled in to enjoy another night of the moderate weather and the slim crowds.  We think we might make this an annual trip.  It would be fun to see each other's children as they age each year (well, it has been so far!)

Super Heroes 108

    We hiked a short 2 miles around Trilium Lake on Monday before heading home.

  The kids pretended that all these boardwalks we crossed along the way were rollercoasters.  They would run along them with both hands waving above thier heads.