it was a SPLASH!! a birthday BASH!!

      This boy isN-I-N-E!!!  And I think he's simply the best!  He is both smart and smart mouthed. He is funny and knows how to have fun.  He loves climbing on rocks, seeking out adventure both in life and between the pages of a book, drawing, sports and sports watching, and has found a new love in music and often looks songs up on you tube and wants me to listen to his favorites which change weekly. And he loves swimming.   A special thanks goes out to Mikey and Namcy Blankenship for hosting this special party for our special boy.  Your pool rocks!!


Timothy Lake take 3

The kids were so excited when the Monahan 5 arrived.  We spent an extended weekend eating, laughing, biking, napping, fishing, and craw dad hunting.  We celebrated Eli's birthday Friday night with a fried chicken dinner and cupcakes. We caught a million and two craw dads and cooked them up and ate them. Eli and Corinne just loved them.  Ruby and Ellie were two talkative peas in a pod. Olivia played soccer with Eli and could give him a run for his money.  I went on a four-mile run with Kara and surprised myself that I could do it.  It rained most of the time but that didn't seem to put a glitch in anything.  I found this trip to be refreshing because of the rain and also because of connection with our longtime friends.