an evening together

It's not very often amidst the hustle and bustle of daily lives that we all get to spend an evening at home together.  But when it happens, it's like a giant sigh where loads feel lighter and hearts feel fuller.  Tonight I just took some pictures of all the everyday cuteness I see all around me but forget to capture sometimes.  Ruby raided the pantry as is her daily duty and mine is to put it all right again later.  She found what she thought was a special treat in the Baker's chocolate and spent some time unwrapping it and calling it "cake" only to find it wasn't so tasty.  We made some pink chocolate chip cookies per Corinne's request that WERE tasty.  Then it was bath time and bed time but not without story time first.  We're reading Mary Poppins as a chapter book and this time Ruby got into bed with the bigger kids to listen too.  I'll do my best to cherish these moments when they're here and to always seek to create new ones.

Mary Poppins: [singing] Stay awake, don't rest your head. Don't lie down upon your bed. While the moon drifts in the skies... Stay awake, don't close your eyes. Though the world is fast asleep, though your pillow's soft and deep, you're not sleepy as you seem; stay awake, don't nod and dream... Stay awake... don't nod... and... dream.


hunting for trees. . .

We went tree hunting on the  Sunday afternoon after Thanksgiving.  There was no snow which made the trek easier, but we couldn't let it be too easy so we made sure OUR perfect tree was through the woods, across a stream and right in the middle of a thicket of deciduous trees.  It was a successful outing for our tree looks fabulous in our living room all decorated in white lights and bright red bows.  The best we have ever had. 

Ruby found a tree just her size.  She learned some new vocabulary words like:  tree, poky and look.  It is very poky indeed which pretty much solves the problem of Ruby trying to play with the lights and stuff.  It's a self preserving "DO NOT TOUCH" tree.  But the look is just right and the branches are evenly spaced and hold up with weighted ornaments.  Now, if it lives indoors for more than a month we might  choose this kind again next year.

The ride home= 2 sleeping girls.  We had hot chocolate and stopped at Sno-Cap for some yummy fish 'n chips and ice cream to fill our bellies.  What good traditions do for the Christmas spirit even if it seems a little early to be out hunting trees.  Side note:  On the way home a Land Rover passed us carrying the most gigantic tree I had ever seen.  It was comedic looking sitting on top so wide and so long.  It was definitely for the Griswold's or as Carol suggested, King Kong!


Civil War 2012

Cousins sporting the opposing apparel.

Ella, Ruby and Corinne playing together in the dark hallway.

Eli's 1st Tournament

Here he is at his first tournament ever.  He showed some gusto and some skills as he worked his way around the mat.  He loved everything about the experience and wanted to know when he could enter the next one.

Showing his weight.

Eli wanted to do a exhibition match against his old preschool bud, Cutter.  My, have they grown over the past 3 years.

Great Job, Elijah!!  You got 2nd place!!


giViNG tHanKs

making the cranberry jelly

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Martin and Anderson Families.  There was plenty of delicious food.  We played some games and had a great time laughing, walking, and eating pie!

Some traditions are good ones.  Like going on a walk after eating a huge Thanksgiving dinner.  This one started a little late.  We got to see a gorgeous sunset; but it was quite dark before we got back.

Trying to get all of us in one photo

Ruby tucking in little David. "night-night"

Grandma lead the kids through a directed drawing project.  They were very focused and loved getting out the markers and crayons to make a cute, cuddly lion.

                                    pumpkin pie                                    oh, no, all gone.  must get more.

The next day we hosted the Hocker Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was a relaxing time and we enjoyed just sitting around eating, talking, and playing games together.  That's what families do best!

It's pie time!!

Pippa giving Grandpa some kisses.  She was really funny grabbing his face.

Pippa's card face as we played some serious UNO.