Corinne's Party!!!

Corinne's party was a 5 pm tea party (in which most of the guests drank coffee) where there were fancy appetizers, drinks, and a flower cake (made by her Mom). Local family gathered together along with the Tiltons, and The Andersons with Brooklyn too. Corinne was so excited to be dressed in her new party dress and fabulous accessories. Corinne was all about greeting her guests at the door and eyeing the presents as they piled up. She mostly ate the chocolate frosting off the top of her cake and then she asked to turn it over (I think she was guessing she would find more frosting on the bottom too). Some of her favorite presents were: her new dollies (a baby doll with hair, strawberry shortcake and tinkerbell), a new purse with real money and lip gloss to go in it, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar Game.


their new room. . .

This is the new "boy" and "girl" room. They moved in together after the first week of December. They were excited to share a room and go to sleep at the same time. The routine is still about the same: potty time, brush teeth, pick out a story and then into bed. Blowing kisses to Mom and Dad, they then fall asleep with the door open which is new for Corinne, but now it has become a necessity for her (I know it's a fire hazard).
Here is Corinne reading her new favorite book, "Whinne the Pooh" by A.A. Milne. She loves the original illustrations and tells her own stories as she "reads" along. She has spent hours looking at this book from front to back and then back to front.