Fireworks, Fair and Fun in the Sun

We cellebrated the 4th of July at the Redmond Fairgrounds.

We stayed one night at Kah-nee-ta in a teepee with our friends the Lymans and played in the pool while it was a balzin' 100 degrees.

Elijah's summer swim lessons. He learned how to swim a little ways on his own for the first time.

Elijah riding the ponies at the fair. They did the petting zoo, visited the animal barnes, rode the canoe ride and ate a large burrito.



We had a great opportunity to stay at seaside with some great friends. . .so we packed up early in the morning and headed to the coast. We were blessed with good weather and some sunshine the next two days. We had a blast playing in the sand and surf. Corinne even found some shallow pools that were perfect for her. Elijah and Mike went out and bought his first kite that is complete with flame decals. We loved seeing our friends JJ and Kara and their little ones.

Corinne with Ellie