onE sUnDAy aFteRnoON

Eli and Corinne enjoyed a painting project and started playing with their snake and scorpion.

I was baking some soft pretzels in the kitchen and Daddy was watching NFL before working on the transition pieces to the kitchen floor.  All the while we were just hangin' out at home enjoying each other's company.

I know they're not a "healthy" snack, but they are oh so yummy to the tummy.  Ruby was just delighted to indulge; and she kept signing more and being so cute while doing so that mommy kept handing her more until they were ALL GONE! 


yellow day

Patti and Corinne help Mrs. Rau bring out the flag to signal the start of preschool.  Today the flag has Tweety Bird on it because it is a special day.  It's YELLOW DAY!

Finger painting is the BEST!

Corinne gets to hold the class pet "Daisy" (a fitting name when it's yellow day).

At show-and-tell time Corinne brings out her Jessie Doll and a yellow butterfly she has borrowed from her very nice brother. 


pajama story time

The kids love story time and I love bringing them to story time at the library.  We have been going together since Elijah was just 1 year old.  This year, with Corinne in preschool during the usual story time, we are going to start going to pajama story time that they have once or twice a month in the evening.


Ruby even decided to sit down for most of it and she has found a friend.  This little girl just kept hugging her.  It was too cute!


Story time always has a theme and this time it was insects.  Miss Julie has a dragonfly which she found in her box.


Elijah found an aligator to match his favorite jammies.


The craft this week was a press and color spider web complete with a spider and other insects thay may have been caught in the web.


ruby girl

I just couldn't pass up these photo-op moments.  The world is wizzing by and with it my children's lives.  I can't believe Ruby's 18 months and the time keeps on ticking.  Some of her favorite things: are coloring with a pen and paper, dancing all funky to some upbeat music, eating snacks anytime/anywhere, and laughing.  She is learning new words and trying to get her point across more and more (sometimes with a trantrum. . .oh, no it's starting!)  Some of her words include shoe, key (for bin-ky), nkey (for blankey) (yes, those last two almost sound the same. . .but I'm her mommy so I should be able to tell the difference, right?)   Oh, and she knows the word cookie now too (you'll see in the upcoming pics, enjoy!) 


first day of school 2012

Elijah is excited as he heads off to school.  He wants to play wall ball at recess and he loves to be surprised with what's inside his luch pail each day.

Corinne is going to Start Here! Preschool.  It is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 9-11:30.  She gets to have imaginative play time, circle time with songs and stories (and they talk about the weather), outside recess, snack time and a learning center where they do projects.  She is so happy to be going to preschool because it is so much fun!  She is looking forward to having a "job" to do of being the weather person, the line leader, the flag person, the hungry caterpillar (the snack person) or the pet feeder for the day.