bunk beds to bring in the new year

On New Year's Eve we thought it an appropriate time to set up the kids' beds as bunk beds to start the NEW year off with something NEW.

Bubbles in the Snow? Yes, Please!


these are a few of my favorite things

Ruby's one true love:  ORANGES.  She would eat them every day, all day if she could.  But the may result in something unpleasant. So we stick with just one a day.  She loves to admire them, hold them, smell them and ask for them constantly though.


they put on a show

Putting on puppet shows is a great way to use your creative energy and is one way to avoid the December chill we're having this year.  The kids were wild about their new puppet theatre (made by their mommy) and lots of adorable puppets (given to them from Grandma and Grandpa Martin) and spent most of the day practicing and putting on shows.  Ruby and Mommy had the 2 front row seats, the best seats in this house.