Memorial Weekend Campout

We're headed into summer with a head start on the camping trips.  We knew it was a risky move to plan a camping trip for Memorial Weekend especially with the extrordinary gorgeous weather we've been having this spring.  Okay, it only rained a little on Saturday.  It was a great time hanging with friends, relaxing around the fire, drinking hot buttered rum, and margaritas (not on the same night), and letting our kiddos enjoy the fresh air, dirt and sticks found in the great outdoors.  Hugs all around to end the trip and a thanks to Camie Hocker for the invite!!  In which she replied in her best Bill Engvall impression, "You are welcome."


Thanks Grandpa for helping us get water from the creek.  Now we're ready to make some more mud.

A ring we spotted surrounding the sun.

Grandpa brought this pellet gun and let the kids take turns shooting at a target.  Eli and Corinne hit the bottle within their first couple shots.  The new experience was exciting!

                                      Good job, Corinne!                                 Let's see our marks.

Something you'd never thought you'd see out in the woods.

Auntie Tanya and Corinney

Ruby's make-shift highchair.

Good morning everyone!!  Is anyone up yet?

We saw these geese at the pond at the Metolius Fish Hatchery.

Her tag aptly says, "JUST ONE YEAR."

Ruby finally found some solid ground to give her new found walking skills some use.  She loves being outside and didn't mind making her way in the dirt and uneven ground.

Jayden, Elijah, Ruby, Allie, Corinne, and Autumn.