a nice little hike

A hike up misery ridge is always a good idea to ease into the "I'm off my couch now" season.


Do you "Q" take this "U" to be your letter partner? : a kidergarten wedding

Corinne was wishing for and so excited to be selected the "Q" in the marriage of the Q & U a special kindergarten wedding.  We found a pretty white dress and she memorized her lines all by herself.

I, the letter Q
Take you, the letter U
To be my letter ppartner
to stand beside me in every word
For as long as we make the sound /kw/

There was a reception complete with the cutting of cake, sparkling cider and lively music and dancing.

Jayden (cousin) and Corinne
:::  photos by Camie Hocker :)


no baby no more

Well, this one has been grown up for a long time now, but when they're 2 I feel I can still get away with calling them babies  (I know most other people stop a long time before then, but I don't).  Now it's time to face facts.  I have no more baby.  I'm still coming to terms as to what that actually means to me.  I've had babies for so long.  So, for now, I will just list the reasons why this business of a girl is the greatest at being her 3-year-old self.  She rises with the sun and can't wait to greet us with a hug in the morning.  She loves her vitamins and her chocolate chips equally.  She still is attached to her blankies and binkie but agrees to leave them in her bed (most of the time).  She loves to laugh, read, wear dresses and make up songs.  She doesn't understand why her sister has so many toys and doesn't want to share.  She loves to be close to her daddy and especially her mommy but also has such an aire of independence about her.
Some of her favorite things:  library story time, singing the butterfly song, talking about penguins, riding her scooter, her rain boots, and being included.