potty time

It was time for this 2 and a half year old to go in the potty.   So we bought some apple juice, put on those panties and got busy with the bathroom business.  Soon she was making a phone call to every relative she has to share the good news.  Yea, no more diapers for us Hockers!

Everybody who cheers gets a marshmallow too.


savings: learning the value of a dollar saved

He counted up his hard earned savings.

Grandma promised to give him the last $5 dollars if he saved the first $55.

He chose the store.

He chose the party Furby instead (all the regular ones were
in girl colors and had eyelashes (as Eli pointed out)).

Since he had spent less than half his money, he browsed
around to find the football he had been wanting.

Yep, this is it.

A proud moment.

Counting the correct amount.

Enjoying the first laughs.  Furby is funny! 
"You know, he speaks his own language."

Even letting the sisters have a turn.

It's NFL official and a bonus, it's BRIGHT green.

Go long for a pass, mom.

Always the QB.

A hand off from the Daddy-O.

I can't tell you how proud I am of this boy.  He earns money for doing chores with a helpful attitude and for reading books and writing paragraphs about the books he's read.  He also had a little birthday money and money from the lemonade stand this summer.  He had a goal of $60 to buy a furby (I'm not sure why, but that's what he wanted.)  He saved for over a year only spending the occasional buck at the ice cream truck (always a draw for this kid.)  He had patience, endurance and persistence with this little exercize in savings.  I think he has learned a lesson or two in the value of a dollar and it's even greater value if you can save another one and another one and then add them together for a bigger prize.  Also, his attitude with chores is improving and more seems to get done without the pushback and he has expressed wanting to go to the grandparents and do some things they need done around their place.  We talk a lot in our house about earning money, giving to others, saving up your money, and what to spend your money on.  It's one of the topics I love most! 

'tis the soccer season