Ruby. . . on the move

snug as a bug. . .

Elijah had this great idea that Ruby would love to take a nap in the hallway. He teamed up with Corinne to gather every stuffed animal they owned to make her comfortable. Ruby played the part wonderfully and didn't move a muscle. I think she liked it. . .but, it wasn't ideal for napping.


naked girls nite

At 8 months Ruby is learning how to maneuver. She can army crawl in STRAIGHT line! Impressive. Here she is determined to chew on her own shoe.

Corinne and Ruby share a bathtime. Corinne is so proud to give Ruby her rubber duckie.


eleven, eleven, eleven!

Ruby can now sit by herself and she's lovin' her new found liberties. she rarely cries anymore when mommy leaves the room because she can see and reach things that interest and occupy her.

big sister is very helpful in choosing age-appropriate toys.

the saturday morning meal


a girl and her princesses. . .

just about her most favorite things are her princesses. she loves to change their dresses and line them all up in a row. she makes them dance and they even have pool parties in the bathroom sink. Corinne's main goal in life at this age is to collect them all!

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