thirty three

On Monday, President's Day (I love that it falls next to my birthday every year), my mom took us out to breakfast.  I had the swedish pancakes!  Yumm!

On my birthday, Camie dropped by for lunch and a cupcake from Ida's.  She gave me these adorable coffee cups!

Christen and Brady stopped by while I was making dinner (trying not to burn the mushrooms.  They turned out perfect.)  We caught up in a few minutes (as old neighbors do best). Oh, and she brought me a thoughtful card and these cupcakes from Sam's.  Delish!

We had dinner (chicken and mushroom sauce) at home as a family and blew out the candles together.  Cheers to my birthday and all the family and friends that made it so special. 


ballet and basketball

I hope you enjoy these pics.  We've been busy the month of  FEBRUARY with a little ballet and a lot of basketball.  The kids are having a blast with their own activities and they show support to each other as we drag them around to ALL the activities.

This one might go in her album (or on the wall) of our little ballerina.

Elijah showed great strides in his first basketball season.  He learned the aspect of team work and passing the ball.  He was agressive at rebounding and, of course, loved to shoot.  He practiced with Mommay a few times at the hoops at school and gained confidence in grabbing the passes and taking shots and making some baskets.  He was on a team with first and second grade kids from Tom McCall anda few of them were in his class. GO PURPLE PANTHERS!

The cheering section.  Grandma brought treats for the girls.  Corinne twirls for the b-ballers during halftime.


My Funny Valentines

We tried a real science experiment and mixed borax and boiling water.  Result: They make crystals on pipe cleaners if left overnight.

I heart them, too!

The kids went right to work when I set out their classroom valentines cards.  Corinne could copy the letters from the list of names and then write her own on the other side (only problem was she didn't actually know who it was for unless some one else read her the name.)  The system worked though and they had them done in only one evening and a morning.  They stuffed them in their boxes to bring to school. 

Here Ruby is raiding Corinne's goodies.


We had lobser ravioli with homemade alfredo sauce.

I made chocolate gonache cupcakes complete with personalized notes on top.

gotta have the fun dip