Lava Lake with the Lymans

We headed up to Lava Lake Resort for a weekend of camping fun with the Lymans.  There were only 2 sites left by the time we got there.  No. 5 seemed like the ONEWe had a great time biking around the loop, and just hanging out.  On Saturday we headed down to Elk Lake to play in the water and try to make the most of a 90 degree day.  The kids donned their life jackets and timidly tiptoed in.  I was really proud when Eli and Crosley swam all the way to the floating dock.  The kids played from sun up 'til sun down and it was lucky they met another seven year-old boy across the way.  They traded bikes and had races around the campground.  Other highlights:  a deer shared the same camp sight, Ruby gets her own corn (dirt and all), Robyn's magic turned the campfire different colors, we hiked Devil's Lake on the way home, and Eli and Corinne held a snake.

               Ruby says "GO" for the first time!

Mommy and Corinne play with signs out the window. 
Daddy gives Corinne her indian name:  Wind in Her Hair 
because she loves to ride with the windows down.  


                                     taking a picture of them taking a picture of themselves. . .

                                                                  "magic" colored fire

                                                               a view of Mt. Bachelor

                                                                   Devil's Lake