dress up day

Dressing up is one of Corinne's most favorite things.


Desert Song Downtown Carnival

Spring Soccer

We have been blessed with gorgeous spring weather with temperatures sometimes well into the seventies (well, at least on game days).  Practices days on Tuesdays and Thursdays have been more on the chilly and windy side of the spectrum.  But overall, the kids are having a BLAST!!  It's Corinne's first soccer experience ever and she has her Daddy as a coach.  She gets out there and gives it her all even if she doesn't get much contact with the ball.  She has much improved her ball handling skills in the practices.

Nice, throw-in, Corinne!

"Our goal is that way!"

The game is done now I'm ready for snacks.  This is the part of game day that Corinne carries on about.  She's all about the refreshments.
Thanks, Auntie Camie, for the great snack pack.  They were so nicely decorated!!

Here goes Elijah!!  He is running SO fast now.  He seems to like defense best and excels at getting in there and stopping the opposing team.  His dribbling and footwork is much smoother and faster too.  He is playing well as a team and is looking forward to scoring his first goal.

Ruby trying her skill at dribbling.

"Go, Thunder Strikers!!!"