at the zoo

We decided to head to the Portland Zoo on a thursday afternoon.  It was crowed; but we were greatful that the weather only reached 72 degrees.  Most of the animals were out and in a playful mood.  Elijah wanted most to see the cougar but the cougar was not to be seen for they were working in that cage.  Corinne wanted most to see the elephants but the most we saw of one elephant was his large behind.  The kids quickly took a liking to many of the other animals they saw and on the way home they were naming their favorites by counting on their fingers.  We headed to Uncle Joel's house after that but stopped to eat first at the Old Spaghetti Factory (always a favorite).

Documenting Ruby's first trip to the zoo.

There were 3 otters who were especially playful.  They would swim right up to the glass and do back flips over and over. 

Always my favorite but we don't usually get to see them up this close.

Interesting fact:  These monkeys are all born blonde and then they all turn black around 8 years old.  Then when the reach adulthood the females turn back to blonde.  How's that for high maintainance hair color?

Ruby was fascinated while watching the monkeys.

                                     Stroller switcheroo.

Loving the wildlife in Africa Land.

Elijah, not really into the "petting zoo" experince, saw that the kids were getting to brush the Pygmy goats, wanted to try it too.  The goats are very well natured and just too cute.  Eli and Corinne made sure to groom each and every one.

Ruby was allowed out of the back pack (I just thaught it was time for her to experience the zoo at her own level) and it was hard at first coralling her in the same direction that we were heading.  The first animals she saw were the porqupines (mommy's all time favorite animal); they are just so darn cute and cuddly.  She tried pushing the stroller and then took turns taking rides in the stroller too. 

The sea lion was last on our treck, but it was definitely no the least.  It laid at the bottom almost too near to the glass to see for several minutes.  But then it decided to swim up to the surface for air.  This animal was fascinating to watch as it gracefully swam up and down and around and loved the attention from the crowd.

We kept calling it a "seal," so if you ask Ruby if she saw a seal, she'll nod with enthusiasm. But if you ask her if she saw a sea lion at the zoo, you might just get a blank look. She remembers the names of lots of animals and has her own story to tell about her visit to the zoo. Most of it sounds like babble, but it's her story just the same.

 A "zoo stamp" so that we may return someday soon.  Bye-bye Portland Zoo!