Elijah's 4th Birthday!

The 4 year old!

A birthday crepe at the Originl Pancake House.
The only place for pancakes!
A great way to start a special day!

Playing "goalie" with his new soccer game in the backyard.

We headed for the ball park in Bend to watch
the Bend Elks play Spokane.
It was Elijah's first baseball game.
Elijah's eating his first hotdog at a baseball park. YUM!

Take me out to the ballgame!

What a gathering of family and friends. It was fun to
cheer for the home team as they won!
" 7th inning stretch" the crowd grovin' to the "YMCA"


Father's Day

Scrumptious food and family fellowship to cellebrate Father's Day.
The way to any man's heart is through his stomach.
And we wanted to say thank you in a way they would
understand clearly how much you mean to us.
Thanks Dads for your steadfast love and devotion for you families.

Read to me, Daddy!
Shot? Anyone?

There's my nose?

Enjoying a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie. YUMM!