a boy who turned 8

Keeping this birthday simple was the goal along with marking the mile stone that is turning eight.  He opted for a one-friend camp-out in the backyard.  Eli, Derrick and I went to McMenamins to watch The Croods (hilarious, I thought).  I made a candy cake and they ate almost half of it while playing games and watching  movies.  The good thing was I think they really were tired when "lights out" came at 10 o'clock (at least there wasn't any arguing).  What rounds out all the sugar overload from the night before than donuts in the morning.  He blew out his candles on a mound of donuts.  Later that day Eli got to go out with Auntie Camie and Jayden to see Monsters University in theaters.  My boy is eight now and he loves to read, ride his bike, swim, play computer games, and engage in sports.  His favorite books are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series, ABC mysteries and the Dictionary.  He loves learning new things and he loves chocolate.  This kid is very helpful around the house and loves his sisters to pieces.  I dearly love him and I wouldn't want any other boy in my life.


a girls getaway

Camie and I decided to getaway to Depoe Bay for a couple days.  On the drive there, we stopped at a couple wineries to taste the wine and enjoy their views.  It was a relaxing and enjoyable way to get to the beach.  While there, we worked our way around a few good restaurants, beach combed at Nye Beach and watched some good movies.  On the way home, we spent the day shopping in downtown Portland and had dessert before dinner (because we can) at Pappa Hayden's.   It was a special way to keep the celebration going for her 30th birthday and to just be moms on a break.


a fancy father's day

Going to Olive Garden for an early dinner on a Friday night is definetly the way to do Father's Day without the fuss of the crowds.  We donned the bowties to add some fun family flare.  Here's to the best Dad my kids could ever have.  You are loving, caring and are there to share in the daily doings that make family life what it is.  Thanks for taking them camping, playing catch, coaching soccer, doing playdates, and attending activities.  It's the sum of the little things that add up in a child's eyes.