missing something?

calling her dad on the phone


i wonder if i'm growing

I wonder if I'm growing
My mom says yes I'm growing
But its hard for me to see
My mom says wash your hands now
Then you can go and play
Hey! I can reach the tap now
For the very first time today.
And I think I must be growing
Oh I know I'm really growing
My mom says yes I'm growing
And now I know its true.


I think they know they are growing.  It seems like I am the one who dismisses it until I look back at their pictures/videos from a year ago and my heart almost stops for the ache that is knowing that one day they will be grown.  A year goes by and I know there has been growth measured in half inches, potty in the toilet, pages read, bigger bicycles, putting on their own shoes or tying back their own hair (sometimes without being prompted).  My mommy mind seems to chalk them all up as small accomplishments, but if I dare to look back, I can see how all the little milestones are adding up.  I am glad she can reach the tap now because she can wash her own fruit without getting on the stool, but perhaps I always wanted to have a stool next to every sink in the house.  I want to remember what it feels like when they were still small, but every time I turn my head they are reminding me of how fast they are growing.


the big move

One of the last nights in their old room.

Notice the difference of how she (above) puts her clothes away verses him (below).

     I cannot find the words to express how bittersweet our move was to me.  We have raised our kids from babies in the Spruce house.  A wave of sadness hit me when I had to take down things that had been in the nursery for over eight years and now we have no more nursery.   The kids were nothing but happy to move on though.  I mean, come on, our new house has stairs!  Upstairs the 2 girls share and room and Eli has upgraded to his own room.  It's easy to settle into a house this beautiful, but it still feels strange while we adjust.  While the setting will be different from here on out I know the feelings of home will establish themselves because we are still "us" and there will be ever so many more memories make and cherish.  We know we have been blessed with this family of ours and this house to raise our kids in.

     A big, huge, gigantic, enormous thanks goes out to those who helped us!!  We really couldn't have done it without you!!!!  To Alisha for taking Ruby.  To Camie for packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and unpacking some more. To my mom and dad for helping move, clean, get us dinner and to Teresa for doing umpteen loads of our laundry.  Thanks again!!!